Best Family Camping Tents For Bad Weather – Choosing the Correct Family Camping Tent is Everything

There is nothing quite like being able to get outside and go camping with your family. The fresh air, wild open spaces, and quietness of packing your family, grabbing your family camping tent, and hitting the hiking trail, or campground. It doesn’t matter where you go, the important thing is to just get out and enjoy this time together. A lot of people will stay away from a family camping tent for a bigger, roomier trailer, or RV. However, that might be because they haven’t chosen the right family camping tent for their family.

  1. Find The Right Size of Best Family tent for bad weather
    Family camping tents are all rated with a size according to how many people they can sleep. There are 2-person tents, 3-person tents, and upwards. Regardless of what the size rating says, make sure you buy one that is big enough for you, your camping gear, and a little bit of space for each person. For example, if you have a family of 5 people, you will want to look at an 8-person tent to make sure you have room each person, and your gear. You may even look into a family dome tent for a little more floor space.
  2. Strength Of Tent Is Important Too
    Some of the criticism of sleeping in a family camping tent is that they will easily rip and then you spend the weekend with bugs, and rain. The reality of tenting is that tents have gotten much stronger over the years. When purchasing a family cabin tent, or a family dome tent, check out the construction of it. Is there double seam stitching? Are the grommets reinforced? Are the poles heavy duty? Is the mesh screen thick or thin construction? Take it all in so you know the tent is capable of handling 4 to 5 people without any problems.
  3. Overall Shape
    A family camping tent can come in a few different shapes. However, there are three basic shapes that are the most popular. Most tents will come as an ‘A’ frame construction. This is basically two sides, raised at both ends with a flat back and front. The sides are sloped towards a peak forming an ‘A’. For a large family, this shape isn’t a good selection. There are Walled style tents that have poles at each end, and sometimes one in the middle. For a large family, this type of family camping tent provides a lot of room and storage. These types of tents also have extra rooms for privacy.
    If you are going camping as a family, the best overall shape to look into is a family dome tent. These tents are more secure, and stable that any other kind as the wind can go around the curve structure. Dome tents have more floor space with not pole in the middle. You can also extend some tents with additional rooms or vestibule for privacy, or individual rooms. And, a family dome tent is very easy to set up, keep clean, and pack up again.
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