Beauty and the beast Dvd

Well i purchased the beauty and the beast dvd yesterday, yes the disney one. And let me just share with you i am 36 years of age and loved it. I loved it , loved it , loved it.

beauty and the beast dvd
beauty and the beast dvd

What i liked about this movie was all the cheery characters, even gaston the baddie – he was in fact my favourite character. I think voiced by richard white.

The story was remarkable and at parts i actually shed a tear – i felt so sorry for the beast. He was once this prince, then ended up a beast through a bad spell cast….

The voice of belle, Paige O Hara, her singing was amazing. I was singing along to all of the songs i love it . I could actually watch the movie over again, but my brother will only call me a saddo 🙂 hahahaa, i will do it when he nips out for a coffee.

Anyway guys if you haven’t saw the disney beauty and the beast movie, watch it, buy it if you haven’t got it. 5 out of 5 stars for me 😉 See the ratings on imdb here.

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